2019-06-25 janiC++: setTypes method to Obj
2019-06-25 janiC++: Fix the copy constructor of UnitPriceSpecification
2019-06-24 janiC++: Add simpla search of duplicate price components...
2019-03-20 janiPython: remove unnecessary prefix map printout
2019-03-19 janiPython: added smart api server/client sample
2019-03-19 janiPython: fixed statement parsing with custom classes
2019-03-14 janiC++: Add terms to ScriptDependentPriceSpecification
2019-03-14 janiC++: Added conversion/constructor between QVariantMap...
2019-03-13 janiC++: Added scriptdependentpricespecification
2019-03-06 janiJava: added Maven build script
2019-02-27 janiC++: Inherit all location price specifications from...
2019-01-15 janiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-01-15 janiC++: ZonePopulationDependentPriceSpecification
2019-01-12 janiMerge branch 'HEAD' of ssh://
2019-01-12 janiC#: Added License
2019-01-12 janiPython: added License
2019-01-08 janiC++: Fix some of the parsers to fit the correct inheritance
2019-01-07 janiMore ontology cleanup
2019-01-06 janiFurther split the ontology into more logical sections
2019-01-06 janiEnvironmentOntology
2019-01-06 janiA pile of clarifications to ontologies
2019-01-04 janiAdded ontology files to repository
2019-01-04 janiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-01-04 janiPython, Java, C++: more modifications to fit struture...
2019-01-04 janiC#: change model to match Architecture doc
2019-01-04 janiC++, Python, Java: change the model to match the archit...
2018-11-02 janiC++: new COPY_PROPERTYLIST macro that actually copies...
2018-11-01 janiC++: Some code cleanup
2018-10-04 janiInitial commit