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2019-09-09 Ville PaukkonenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-08-29 janiC++: Reorganize Validity and Condition, add Condition...
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2019-08-05 janiUpdated property and resource files
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2019-07-20 janiC++: add method to authorization, auth method classes...
2019-07-11 janiFixed definition of contract on TradingOntology, should...
2019-07-10 janiC++: Add Classification object
2019-07-10 janiNew proprty headers for all languages; fixed imports...
2019-07-09 janiJava: clean up the test sequences
2019-07-09 janiAdded a pile of missing definitions into the ontologies.
2019-07-09 janiCleanup of ontologies and their build scripts
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2019-06-24 janiC++: Add simpla search of duplicate price components...
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2019-01-07 janiMore ontology cleanup
2019-01-06 janiFurther split the ontology into more logical sections
2019-01-06 janiEnvironmentOntology
2019-01-06 janiA pile of clarifications to ontologies
2019-01-04 janiAdded ontology files to repository
2018-10-04 janiInitial commit